Travelport 隆重宣佈Travelport My Trip and More 客戶可於本月內升級至最新版本的 Travelport ViewTrip,為旅客提供更完善的航班行程表。這項自動更新因應流動用戶的需要,為任何上網裝置(如桌面/手提電腦、智能手機或平板電腦)提供更完備的使用體驗,而無需安裝任何硬件/軟件。





新版本Travelport ViewTrip登入網址是 https://viewtrip.travelport.com,舊網址亦會自動轉載至此頁。雖然網站會自動轉載,我們仍建議您把所有包含舊網址的資料更新為新網址。



使用系統電郵指令的旅行社無需作出任何調整,因為新版本系統的電郵會自動把用戶轉載至全新的 Travelport ViewTrip。發送電郵給旅客的最簡便方法是使用系統電郵指令,電郵會包括一個直接往行程表專頁的連結。詳情可見於用戶指南裡的「更有效率的電郵服務詳情」(ASK Travelport AN15079)。



使用深度連結發送自訂電郵的旅行社可直接將旅客轉載至其行程表。詳情可見於用戶指南裡的「Travelport ViewTrip 登入點」(ASK Travelport AN15079)。








如對 ViewTrip 升級版有任何問題,請致電 2868 3377 聯絡客戶支援部。





產品諮詢:PA 2662PR5109(於2015112日發出)
用戶指南:ASK Travelport AN15079
網上培訓:ASK Travelport TR679 (Travelport Galileo) TR680 (Travelport Worldspan)





Travelport is pleased to announce that Travelport My Trip and More customers will be able to offer an improved itinerary solution to their travelers via an upgrade to the latest version of Travelport ViewTrip this month. This automatic upgrade is designed with mobile users in mind and provides a great experience on any internet-connected device (e.g. desktop/laptop, smartphone or tablet), with no hardware/software installation.

Here are a few important points:

The new version of Travelport ViewTrip should be accessed from https://viewtrip.travelport.com and an automatic redirect has been setup from the old URL. Even though the redirect will be automatic, we still recommend that you update all materials referencing the old URL.

Sending itineraries to travelers
For travel agencies using the host email command, no further action is needed as the new host email will automatically direct users to the new Travelport ViewTrip. Using email commands is the easiest way to send emails to travelers, with a direct link to their itinerary page. More details can be found in the User Guide (ASK Travelport AN15079) under "Details on emailing effectively".

Deep link
For agencies that create custom emails with a deep link that takes travelers directly to their itinerary, please refer to the User Guide (ASK Travelport AN15079) under "Access points to Travelport ViewTrip".

Free Branding
The new version allows all agencies to get logo branding on the itinerary webpage free of charge, by simply sending us a request. Previously agencies had to pay for this remarkable feature.

Features removal
The following features will not be supported at this time: Online check-in and flight alerts.

For questions regarding the Travelport ViewTrip, please call our Customer Support team at 2868 3377.


For more details, please refer to the following support documents:

Product Advisory: PA 2662, PR5109 (sent on November 2, 2015)
User Guide: ASK Travelport AN15079
Online training: ASK Travelport TR679 (Travelport Galileo) and TR680 (Travelport Worldspan)





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