立即體驗最新推出的 Travelport Smartpoint 7.0!
Travelport Smartpoint 7.0 is on your desktop now!





我們細心聆聽您的意見,持續改善Travelport Smartpoint 7.0現有系統及開發新功能,令操作變得更方便,更讓您的整體銷售體驗向前邁進一大步。



  • 航空公司 Private Fare 指標
  • 於 ePricing 畫面新增贊助航班訊息 (Sponsored Flights)
  • 整合Travelport ViewTrip
  • 改善顧客行程表 (DYO)
  • 酒店訂單更改功能
  • 簡化EMD操作流程

使用Travelport Smartpoint 7.0,讓你的工作效率獲得前所未有的提升 


We’ve been listening to what our customers value and Travelport Smartpoint 7.0 has improved usability and includes new features to help make significant steps forward to the travel agents overall selling experience.


Improvements to system usability through functionality and performance enhancements include:

  • Private Fare Indicator
  • Sponsored Flights on ePricing screens
  • Travelport ViewTrip integration
  • Custom Itinerary enhancements  (DYO)
  • Modify a hotel segment
  • EMD Manager
With Travelport Smartpoint 7.0, you will work more efficiently.





我們將於下期與你分享更多Travelport Smartpoint 7.0的詳情,請密切留意!  

Stay tuned as we will share more details about Smartpoint 7.0 with you soon! 



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